Nick Andershock (daitenshi_120) wrote in foofs,
Nick Andershock

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yet another thing i m denied, an actual social life

outside of school, i seen no one, just my familiy, i get home i work, i get in i go on pc , mess around, and thats it, no nights out, no friends , nothin, weekends, i may see someone by chance if i'm notr working, but thats a low% of happening. life is just one kick in the teeth after another, daitenshi out
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What are you talking about? We hung out twice this week, and we might tomorrow. Plus some of the times I ask if you wanna hang out, you don't really feel like it. Then again, you probably wanna hang out with people other than me. Anyways, if you're not working Sunday, come over because we need to steal haikus from Super Milk Chan.
*pathetic voice* Can I come too?
that is the best life style I have I ever heard of! Good Job!